Spring Break.

While most people tend to spend their spring break drinking themselves into oblivion, I like to take my spring break as a time to enjoy the warm weather and all the beauties the earth has to offer. I like to use it as a time to reflect on my life and start fresh. My best friend … More Spring Break.

Dear friend.

Writing is a big part of most peoples lives. Whether it is for school, work, or just personal use. I don’t know about you but I write in a journal almost everyday. Instead of the typical dear diary… entry, I write letters. I write letters to my future husband, God, my family, friends, and people I … More Dear friend.

Lenten journey.

This Lent is really going to change my life. Here are the things I am giving up and doing. No cussing. No smoking. No drinking. No self-harm. Adoration everyday. Gym everyday. Study and do school work. Wash clothes. No dominos. Talk to people instead of keeping everything inside. Eat less and healthier. To some, this list may seem … More Lenten journey.

Become an ambassador.

If you are like me and want to do as much as you can for people, world issues, animals, wildlife, and our environment but aren’t sure how to do it, becoming an ambassador is a simple, fun, and great way to get started. Becoming an ambassador for a company usually just means you apply and once you are accepted … More Become an ambassador.