Lenten journey.

This Lent is really going to change my life. Here are the things I am giving up and doing.

  1. No cussing.
  2. No smoking.
  3. No drinking.
  4. No self-harm.
  5. Adoration everyday.
  6. Gym everyday.
  7. Study and do school work.
  8. Wash clothes.
  9. No dominos.
  10. Talk to people instead of keeping everything inside.
  11. Eat less and healthier.

To some, this list may seem like either a lot or a little, but for me it is just what I’ve been needing. Some things will be easier than others. For me, the hardest will probably be no cussing, no smoking, and no self-harm. I get angry, sad, or annoyed a lot and those are the ways I have usually coped with my problems, which is not okay. Last week I had a major set back, I self-harmed, which I hadn’t done in a while. So now I have to start over, again. Now I have gone nine days without self-harm, which may seem like nothing, but to me its everything. For those of you who struggle with a mental disorder, eating disorder, self-harm, etc. or even if you just deal with everyday struggles, I challenge you to challenge yourself for the next forty days. Whether you are Christian or not. Better yourself. Not for anyone else, but better yourself for YOU. You deserve everything in this life and the world is in the palm of your hands. Take this next forty days as an opportunity to become the best and most beautiful version of yourself.

Love Always,


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