Be your own best friend.

Over the years I have learned that there is never certainty with people. Yes I know that’s dark and I have trust issues but, its true. I have found many other people with this same problem. For me, people never stay. I’ll never know why but all I know is I always end up alone at some point or another. Now some people may have had or always will have their one best friend. but for me that is not the case. I am learning how to be my own best friend, its tough but I know I can always count on myself. Even if you are not in the same boat as me, it’s always good to get to know yourself, because once you truly know yourself then other people will be able to truly know the real you. Now of course I am not saying that I am an expert but these are some things I have found helpful in my journey at becoming my own best friend.

  1. Journal.
    1. Journaling to me is like talking to someone you trust with anything. Almost like telling your best friend everything, even the things you are afraid to say out loud. This way you can say anything you want with no pressure. Sometimes you might even be shocked at what you say.
  2. Do things YOU love.
    1. Sometimes being around other people I have found that I tend to do whatever everyone else wants. Being your own best friend you can do things that truly make you happy. Yes, it’s always good to try new things but sometimes its good to just do something you know you love.
  3. Treat yo self.
    1. Everyone deserves a little treat once in a while. But sometimes people end up waiting for someone to do something nice for them, when in reality all they have to do is something for themselves. Don’t wait around for other people and expect them to do things for you, they can’t read your mind.
  4. Stay kept.
    1. I wasn’t sure how to word this one so sorry if it doesn’t make sense. By staying “kept” I mean staying organized, healthy, clean, and productive. I know I always feel good with a clean room, workspace, and just staying in habit with taking my supplements and working out, etc. I take pride in keeping up with my skin care, diet, and overall productivity in all aspects of life.
  5. Get out.
    1. Lastly, get out of your bed!!! Sometimes you do need to step out of your comfort zone and just get out there. I know most of the things on the list I mentioned don’t really  require you to leave your room. Becoming your own best friend makes it tempting to sit in your room alone and watch Netflix While sometimes that’s a good thing to do to unwind, it’s also good to explore and live life to the fullest. In doing so, you really get to know yourself in way you never thought.

Love Always,



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