Become an ambassador.

If you are like me and want to do as much as you can for people, world issues, animals, wildlife, and our environment but aren’t sure how to do it, becoming an ambassador is a simple, fun, and great way to get started. Becoming an ambassador for a company usually just means you apply and once you are accepted they give you a discount code and you basically just advertise the company. I am an ambassador for a couple different companies.

  1. Sand cloud
    2. The mission of Sand cloud is to protect the oceans and marine life.
  2. Barklyn Grace
    2. Every purchase donates 10% to helping scoop homeless dogs off the streets and get them in good and loving homes
    3. Sign up to receive your rep code by submitting the form below
    4.  Share your code with friends and family (on social accounts, etc.)
    5.  Friends save and you earn
      -Each time you use your code you get 1pt for every $1 spent
      -Each time someone else uses your code, you get 200pts.
      -2,000pts = $50 credit to our store
    6. MY CODE: MARYG20
    7.  Redeem your points for products on our site
  3. Barbas and Zacari
    2. We are always looking for creative and enthusiastic people and companies to collaborate with.

There are plenty of other brands to collaborate and be an ambassador for! Just do your research and you can find one that’s perfect for you!

Love Always,



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